Measuring Impact of Social Media on the Business

By Scott Hornstein The true power of social media is untapped. The surface is barely scratched. Why? Because we’re missing the point—social media, like every other medium, has got to sing for its supper. If it’s not making us money, why are we doing it? We have been treating social media as an anomaly, somehow … More Measuring Impact of Social Media on the Business

Free Infographic Tools

The word “Infographic” may not yet be in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but it’s a word that every good marketer and lots of other savvy business people know well. Converting data into pictures that communicate the primary message at a glance has become valuable content for companies to create. Recently, I shared a link to Hubspot … More Free Infographic Tools

B2B Content Marketing Trends – Infographic

In her post on Hubspot Blog, Ginny Sosky, published a terrific infographic on the state of the B2B content. The benchmark study, “recently released by Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs, and Brightcove about the current state of content marketing, is just so darn awesome. Take a look at the latest trends to find out if your company deserves a … More B2B Content Marketing Trends – Infographic

Volumental’s browser-based 3D scanner hits Kickstarter goal

Originally posted on Gigaom:
3D scanners are an increasingly popular tool for anyone to quickly create designs for a 3D printer. Instead of laboriously building a model in a software program, you can just scan a physical object and print the resulting digital file. Volumental, a Stockholm-based startup founded last year, is taking that process…