Marketing 3 Step – Seth Godin’s Ladder

Quick, quick, slow, slow. You don’t have to be a “Dancing with the Stars” Pro dancer to enjoy Two-Stepping. That’s why the Texas Two-Step is famous for being easy and fun. Seth Godin’s Three Step Marketing Ladder is almost as easy to follow – and almost as fun. Awareness, Education, Action. Yep, it’s that simple. You have to … More Marketing 3 Step – Seth Godin’s Ladder

B2B Content Marketing Trends – Infographic

In her post on Hubspot Blog, Ginny Sosky, published a terrific infographic on the state of the B2B content. The benchmark study, “recently released by Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs, and Brightcove about the current state of content marketing, is just so darn awesome. Take a look at the latest trends to find out if your company deserves a … More B2B Content Marketing Trends – Infographic

SEO Is Most Effective – But Really Hard to Do

In his post, “SEO Is Most Effective, But Very Hard to Do”, Jeff Ogden adds some great points to the Marketing Sherpa study on marketing effectiveness. I couldn’t agree more with him about the  importance of creating buyer personas first. It’s the marketing discipline of the ages: Ready, Aim, Fire. The success of SEO optimized content … More SEO Is Most Effective – But Really Hard to Do

Never DO These Tasks

 Urgent and Not Important Tasks. Don’t waste your time on them. Not important and urgent tasks should never be done. Resisting the temptation to check off another item on your To Do list can be difficult. It’s satisfying to complete tasks, but ultimately short-sighted to finish something that’s urgent, but not important. Your time is a precious resource and … More Never DO These Tasks

The Critical Importance of Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing Today

Reblogged from Jeff Ogden, The Fearless Competitor. Most people do not produce enough content because they do not know how to create “engaging content”. Could be that they are internally editing or have pre-conceived (over corporatized) notions about what is effective/allowable. I start with the mantra – Educate or Entertain.. better yet.. Educate and Entertain. Perhaps … More The Critical Importance of Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing Today

Big Data, Big Challenges

Managing data that comes in an endless array of formats is daunting enough. Now the mass of the information we need to manage is exploding, causing a dizzying cry from business leaders for big data integration, management and analytics projects. In her Wall Street Journal article, Big Data, Big Blunders, Shira Ovide illuminates the challenges that … More Big Data, Big Challenges