I am passionate about helping others succeed. I enjoy building relationships with people and working to help them get the life they want. My career spans sales, marketing, advertising, social media and networking for B2B and B2C businesses across multiple industries. Consistently running throughout each career role is my love of helping people succeed and be happy.

As director of Marketech in the 90s, I lead the company to grow their business by 22% within 12 months, through account expansion and customer acquisition.

I took on the role of content manager for Dell.com, and led the development team to redesign the site to achieve revenue growth mandates. I pioneered the use of user experience experts, HFI, and led the Dell Online development team to relaunch Dell.com. The conversion rate increased 4%, the average transaction amount increase of 2.5% and customer satisfaction with the site grew as well. On dell.com, that translates to a lot of increased revenue!

As director of marketing for a new product division at Dell, I lead a team which launched the company’s first consumer web computer product. I was voted MVP of the division and was later offered the position of personal PR Manager to Michael Dell.

I took some time off from the corporate world to raise my two kids and that gave me the opportunity to pursue my interest in watercolor painting. My entrepreneurial spirit sprang forth and I found herself launching a website to promote my art, painting home portraits and landscapes for fun and profit. Both my children enjoyed painting alongside me when they were young and I still paint, especially when I’m on vacation.

After a divorce, I went back to the corporate world and landed at Pervasive Software in 2010. After conducting marketing research, I identified partners as the most profitable customers for the company’s business. I developed a partner program to maximize the ROI with partners and increase partner success. As a result, Pervasive shifted the integration division focus to a partner centric business model.

In November, 2012, I launched my strategic marketing business,  MRW Consulting, LLC, working with B2B technology customers. I enjoyed creating and executing successful business development and marketing plans. My strong soft skills, like collaboration, listening, communicating, story telling and relationship developing were extremely useful. Formally a client, FunAir offered me a full-time position as marketing director to brand and launch the company’s consumer business.

March of 2015 found me working as VP of Marketing for consumer electronics startup, Blue Goji.


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