3 big changes to LinkedIn that can help you get more customers

3 Big LinkedIn Changes Impacting Sales
3 Big LinkedIn Changes That Will Impact Your Sales and Business Development Success Rate

John Nemo, wrote a very useful post about recent announcements made by LinkedIn that will affect businesses. 3 biggest LinkedIn changes impacting your sales specifically calls out the top 3 LinkedIn changes that will affect sales and business development efforts. Author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller “LinkedIn Riches: How to Leverage the World’s Largest Professional Network to Enhance Your Brand, Generate Leads and Increase Revenue!” John knows a thing or two about using LinkedIn to drive sales. Of course, optimizing your blog and site for mobile is listed. But

Excerpt here:

“LinkedIn is making it clear that they want as many of us publishing on the platform as possible, and that it will reward content that brings targeted audiences valuable insights, tips or news in the process.

…Think about the biggest questions, challenges or problems your ideal audience faces. Start publishing LinkedIn posts that answer those questions or solve those problems, and leads are sure to follow.

With LinkedIn, you must eschew traditional sales pitches in favor of a “teach first, sell later” approach. This is the 21st century. You cannot simply ask someone for his or her time or attention, let alone his or her money. You must earn it by being creative and helpful!

Again, you’ll find massive success if you take a moment to “reverse-engineer” your products and services into blog posts with titles like, “What Every [TARGET AUDIENCE MEMBER] Needs to Know About [SERVICE I PROVIDE].”

For example, say you want to sell SEO services to small-business owners you find on LinkedIn. Instead of just spamming them with direct messages asking if they need SEO services, write a LinkedIn blog post that says, “What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Choosing the Right SEO Partner.” Or an alternate title could be, “How Choosing the Right SEO Partner Can Save Small-Business Owners a Fortune!”

– End excerpt

In my experience as a marketing executive consulting with a variety of businesses that are B2B and B2C, I find the “teach first, sell later” approach effective.  You must earn your prospects attention and time by offering content that helps them solve a problem or grow their business. Everyone has the goal to increase sales, reduce expenses and drive overall revenue growth. Thinking about your target customer’s specific concerns is essential to identifying content that delivers value. When you offer to teach and help your prospect, you show respect for their time and that you are here to help them, not just ask for the sale. Often called the “consultative approach”, this method of adding value to your target audience and nurturing leads will also build your brand as customer-centric. In other words, Do the Right Thing. And that’s good for any business.


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