Successful Interview Tips – Don’t Rely on GPS

Arriving on time isn't a cakewalk.
Among other helpful tips, Johnson suggests using tools other than GPS to arrive on time to the interview.

In a blog post on Ragan’s PR News Daily, award-winning journalist and leading PR practitioner Brian Johnson lists some excellent dos and don’ts for interviews.  Drawn from excerpts from his book, “The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom, Johnson highlights some very good tips for nailing the interview. His suggestions also work for presentations and business meetings. As for arriving on time, I agree with jstme’s comments on NOT relying on GPS.

True story: While on the “Griswald-esque” vacation to DC, my 12-year-old daughter succeeded in convincing me to order cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, which we did the night before, as was suggested. Plugged in the business name, found the address and let Siri provide the directions. That’s where we went wrong. I’ve been to DC and am aware that Georgetown is RIGHT there. But I didn’t trust my own personal navigation system.

The driving seemed to go on for much longer than I thought was reasonable, so I double checked the business address and the directions. Those were correct. But why were we driving so far north and AWAY from DC? I really suspected we were off on a wild goose chase when I saw the sign saying Welcome to Maryland. This cannot be right! Rechecked again. Siri maintained that we were nearly at our destination “Georgetown Cupcakes”. The famous bakery featured in the hit series,  DC Cupcakes appeared to need some PR and SEO help for their web presence. 

When we arrived and Siri said, “Destination on the left”, we saw a mid-century suburban residence in Chevy Chase Maryland. The car was silent the entire ride back to DC and the cupcakes were retrieved, but the taste was bittersweet. Do NOT trust GPS! Also, follow the other tips in this article for nailing media relations interviews.


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