UPS Also Said To Be Testing Drone Delivery, Constant Robot Background Hum Increasingly Inevitable

Perhaps “drone” isn’t the best word for this near-instant delivery technology. I’ve been waiting for my own flying car since I watched “The Jetsons” as a youth. Looks like that may be on the horizon. A U.S. aerospace firm is designing a vehicle that drives like a car, takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane. Terrafugia’s TF-X is scheduled for delivery in 2015.

So, how about a cool name for the delivery drones, like maybe “RoboDrop” or “iDeliver” or maybe just “Rosie”, like the robot housekeeper in “The Jetsons”. Flying robots that speed delivery of goods to consumers deserve a better brand name than “drones”. Anyone agree or have other suggestions? Leave them in my comments!


UPS is also looking into getting flying robots to deliver packages, according to The Verge, along with Internet ecommerce giant Amazon. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dominated the news cycle yesterday with the revelation that Amazon was working on drone delivery with 30-min. ship times, albeit for a few years out in a best case scenario, but UPS also now appears to be interested in replacing its reliable army of brown-shorted carriers with repurposed evil mindless deathbots.

UPS told the Verge that it finds the concept of commercial drone use “interesting,” and that it’ll continue to “evaluate” its usefulness for the parcel carrier. Big Brown also pointed out that it pours more money into R&D than any of its competitors in the delivery business, which, while not confirming it’s spending on drones specifically, definitely suggests that could be the case.

In addition to the official statement, Verge quotes multiple sources…

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