If Your Blog Post Won’t Promote Itself…Do These Things

12 Things To Do After You Write the Blog Post

Writer’s block is just half the problem for many content writers. What to do after you’ve found the intriguing topic and put the words together in the most compelling blog post may have been challenging enough. But social media can’t promote marketing content without some help, so you still have some work to do if you want your target audience to find your fabulous new post.

Brody Dorland at Divvy.com shares his checklist for promoting blog posts, along with this handy and attractive infographic. He identifies several specific marketing tactics you can use to promote your blog post. Doing these 12 steps (no, not THOSE 12 steps, although most anyone can benefit from those as well) have the added benefit of helping to integrate your marketing efforts and maximize your communications.

Brody says, ‘It looks like a few people found some value in my post from last year, “12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post.” Well, one or two new things have been launched on the “interwebs” since March of 2011, so I thought it might be time for an update. And hey, I thought I’d throw a printable (and PIN-able) infographic version of the original post into the mix while I’m at it.

I’ve found that headlines have one of the strongest impacts on the click rate to my blog posts. Sometimes, finding the best headline feels like a game and the the one you were certain would win turns out to be the dud. I’d be interested in hearing what headlines have been your best performers.

Check it out and share any other tips you have for promoting new blog posts.

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