GR8 Abbreviations for Tweeting

Social Media Symbols
Punctuation Symbol Use Skyrocketing As A Result of Social Media?
Before social media was a glint in anyone’s eye, people had ways of abbreviating. I remember hand painting tennis racket covers with “10 IS NE 1?” Maybe it’s because of Twitter that symbols are increasingly embedding themselves in our everyday lexicon. BRB, LOL, IMHO, LMFAO, which is also a wildly popular band are standards. I find the trend fascinating! So I just had to come up with my own. Here are mine. Please share yours in the comments! And keep it clean:)
: oscopy
-8          (that’s ‘hyphenate’)
[ology   (‘braketolgy’, as in March Madness brackets)
/nburn  (Slash n Burn)
,sabitch  (I particularly like this one)
*s@night  (It’s a texas thang, y’all)

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