The Critical Importance of Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing Today

Reblogged from Jeff Ogden, The Fearless Competitor.

Most people do not produce enough content because they do not know how to create “engaging content”. Could be that they are internally editing or have pre-conceived (over corporatized) notions about what is effective/allowable.

I start with the mantra – Educate or Entertain.. better yet.. Educate and Entertain.

Perhaps some hints/examples of companies/entrepreneurs effectively doing this – without astronomical budgets.”

To Matthew’s point –  How does one go about creating content that educates and entertains, without first developing deep insights on your buyers?  Remember that we need to educate and entertain THE BUYER.  Only truly knowing your audience enables you to create content that is both educational and entertaining.  Hence, the pressing need for good personas.

Here are some of the key insights on buyer personas I learned in the Buyer Persona Master Class. I share them with you so you can learn why good personas are so important to your business. Buyer personas are interviews conducted by trained experts with decision makers in deals you won and deals you lost.

The goal of buyer personas is to gain useful insights to drive marketing results. For instance, why do some start to solve their problem and why do others simply learn to live with the pain? That is the conundrum of most BtoB sellers today – they cannot answer that question.

The insights gained from buyer personas need to collated and collected using best practices templates and tools. Done properly, this documentation is invaluable in content marketing, lead nurturing, sales enablement and other areas. If the buyer says she selected an offering because it was “easy to use,” trained professionals know to ask follow-up questions on what Ease of Use means to them. Pros know not to accept answers at face value.

Buyer Personas also help you document the language and words used by buyers in the buying journey. Done properly, they help Sales engage with qualified buyers.

Top marketing executives like VPs of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officers also benefit, because best-practices buyer personas help them quantify the messaging strategy and marketing criteria in order to get support for budget requests. You should also only focus on characteristics that tell you how to persuade the buyer.  Demographics, like age and college education are not all that important (however this is what most of the so called experts do.)

What do you think? Did you know that the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden, is trained in Buyer Personas by the Buyer Persona Institute?

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, is an award-winning marketing expert and President of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. He’s also the creator of the very popular TV on the Web show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

One thought on “The Critical Importance of Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing Today

  1. Margo,

    If interested, I am experienced in constructing personas – currently doing a world-wide project for Siemens, looking to build personas for key positions in critical verticals, country by country.


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