8 Things Productive People Do

By Margo Wickersham Winter

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of picking up your phone first thing in the morning and checking email. Ok, how about if you check Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook? Now, how many times after you check your phone for messages or posts from others do you respond to those? Come on, tell the truth. More than you’d care to admit, I’ll bet. I’m guilty. Who can resist the temptation to see who’s interested in what we think? It’s kind of like getting mail used to be way back in the distant past. Remember? Seeing the mailman (they were all men once upon a time) and racing to the mail box to see if you got any “good mail” – that’s what my grandmother called letters or notes from friends or family. Bills, fliers and catalogues don’t count.

Whether you’re doing business strategies for technology start-ups or marketing plans for established companies or social media for anyone who will pay you to do it, entrepreneurs and employees all strive to get the highest productivity possible from their work day.

Ilya Pozin, founder of Ciplex and columnist for LinkedIn and Forbes, posted a good and quick read outlining the “8 Things Productive People Do During in Their Workday”.  He has some good reminders of the choices we make each day on how we spend our time and energy. A purposeful and respectful approach to work and life helps us get closer to balance.


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