Big Data, Big Challenges

Managing data that comes in an endless array of formats is daunting enough. Now the mass of the information we need to manage is exploding, causing a dizzying cry from business leaders for big data integration, management and analytics projects.

In her Wall Street Journal article, Big Data, Big Blunders, Shira Ovide illuminates the challenges that one of the most talked about trends in technology present. The value of any data is in the information it can provide business leaders. The better the intelligence, the better the decisions. It’s only natural to conclude that more information means better intelligence. But only if we can access the data in a timely manner.

The key to getting the results business leaders need from big data or any size data, for that matter, is prioritizing and project management discipline. Scope creep is the bane of IT project managers and bigger data can lead to exponential creep. That becomes unmanageable which leads to the big data blunders that Ms. Ovide warns us about. A narrower focus on data projects can lead to greater success. Sometimes smaller, is better.




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