Democratized Healthcare Means More Big Data – and some additional descretion

The cost savings and production improvements of migrating the healthcare industry to digital have been touted from every pundit from every corner of the country. And almost everyone has discussed how this giant conversion will create Big Data and present some excellent opportunities to technologists and business leaders to find betters ways to manage mammoth amounts of data.  That’s not the news.

What IS the news and is conspicuously absent from all of the Healthcare IT chatter, is that very personal testing and diagnostics can be done from our very personal smart phones. The computing technology has moved from the work space, to the desk at home, to the living room sofa and now to the palm of our hand. Which means we have advanced devices that can be used to test and diagnose even our most personal healthcare issues. Like, er, urine tests.

In an Atlantic Monthly article, “A Medical Lab on Your SmartPhone” published February, 27, Michael Garber explains the new apps emerging for the bringing people closer to their own healthcare information. There’s no listing for self testing or diagnosis on this Infographic for Mobile Healthcare IT from HealthX. Not yet. But there will be, because as we shift more of our daily and weekly tasks to our smartphones, taking time out of our busy day to go to the doctor’s office to um, provide a “sample” will become a thing of the past.

Healthcare Mobile Infographic



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