Pop Up Buttons on Touch Screens – Death Knoll for Auto Correct Fails?

autocorrect fail
Flat screen failure created a cottage industry of autocorrect fails.

By Margo Wickersham Winter

Autocorrect fails are so much fun. I was literally LOL reading through some of my favorites on a few websites. Finding a screen capture of an epic Autocorrect fail suitable for sharing on my blog proved difficult. These mistakes created by the imperfect user interface on flat touch screen mobile devices have provided millions of people with hours of laughter. Are they in danger of extinction?

Maybe. Pop up buttons on a mobile touch screen may improve the user interface so much that we accidentally eliminate a major source of world wide humor. Touch screens have revolutionized our relationship with phone and computers, but they aren’t the perfect user interface for humans.

Our fingers and thumbs aren’t flat and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We’ve become accustomed to typing and re-typing texts, emails and web searches because our digits accidentally type the wrong digit on a flat screen. We’ve all experienced it and we’ve waited to learn when someone would fix the flatness of the flat screen user interface.

It appears the wait is soon to be over. Tactus Technology demoed their new pop up button user interface at CES this week and it’s nothing short of staggering. In an interview with TechCrunch, Tactus’ CEO and Founder, Craig Ciesla demonstrated the magic of the new buttons that appear and then disappear from your mobile device when you want them to. This will make mobile and touch screen marketing really interesting. Check out the interview and the Tactus site to learn more.

Tactus Tactile User Interface
Tactus Technology developed the new tactile user interface for touch-screen devices

This new technology will change the experience humans have with touch screens forever. And I for one, can’t wait. However, I think our source of Autocorrect fails will remain intact for some time. After all, many of the outrageous and epic fails happen when people correctly type what they meant to type, but Autocorrect overrides and changes the words to something so inappropriate that it’s hilarious.


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